Mark Bowyer  -  Technology into practice; how is new technology conveyed to arable farmers and do they use it?

The Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association

I live with my long-term girlfriend, soul mate and partner in her tied cottage in Easton, near Norwich, with our horses, dog and pet ducks. Pip teaches agriculture at Easton College.

I have been involved in arable farm management in the UK for the last 22 years. Initially starting in Shropshire I have also managed units in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk. Since finishing my last full time management position with a large Norfolk estate I have been developing my own consultancy business with varying success. I specialize in systems, development and management of change, as well as certification, stewardships and general farm management.

My current consultancy is with a large brassica growing / packing organization based in Lincolnshire. Despite having little knowledge of brassicas I am using knowledge gained in the potato and cereal businesses to help promote change and develop the business.

Throughout my career so I have I have been actively involved in education, both of the general public and of agricultural students. I have been hosting farm visits, involved with open farm Sunday and also present occasional lectures at the college.

This has lead to my choice of subject, why aren’t UK arable farmers adopting new technology, is it a lack of knowledge or are there other underlying issues? How are other countries transferring knowledge, and are we prepared for the third agricultural revolution?

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