Joseph Delves  -  How best to save the dairy industry


I am a third generation dairy farmer from East Sussex. We are currently running 210 cows and 160 followers, i have moved the business away from high yields and long calving periods. I am aiming to achieve a twelve week autumn calving block by 2014. I have a wife called Becky and two gorgeous daughters, Faith who is three and Evie who is one. Our goal as a family is to demonstrate that dairy farming can be sustainable, profitable and fun!!
How best to save/promote the dairy industry (UK)
My main reason for wanting to study this topic, was to see if there was some way of linking up exiting farmers and new entrants in the dairy industry. Hoping that this would help to combat the decreasing number of farmers and the ever increasing average age of the dairy farmer. In between these two issues you have other factors such as subsidies, taxation and a lack of long term business planning. I have spent the past months travelling the UK looking at farms and talking to farmers young and old. There is a clear lack of career path for young people, they also lack those farming hero's to aspire too. We have lost a lot of our pioneer spirit in the UK which I think is the effect of farmers becoming heavily reliant on subsidy. Through my Nuffield Scholarship i hope to reinvigorate the UK dairy industry.
Joe Delves
Burnt House Farm
East Sussex
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