Jonty Brunyee  -  Making the most of Environmental Assets - Sustainable Enterprise on Farms with High Natural Value

National Trust

The Brunyee clan have been farming since we arrived from Holland to help drain the Fens in the 1620s.

I have been a National Trust  farm tenant for 10 years now on the Sherborne Park Estate in the Cotswolds.  I still feel like a novice! Thankfully, we (that’s me, my wife Mel, and the three children) have recently secured another 20 year tenancy so it’s now time to plan and grow into our farming future. 

We aim to build a successful business that makes the most from all our assets. Not just our financial and physical assets (the norm) but our natural and social assets too. Our business model focuses on the environment (species rich limestone grassland restoration; and habitat for farmland birds and pollinators), added value produce (organic; Pasture Fed; rare breed beef, lamb and pork), and diversification (education, farm consultancy and DIY livery).   I am also a Senior Lecturer at the Royal Agricultural University in the School of Business and Entrepreneurship.

There is more to do. I am always on the look-out for new ideas and inspiration.   

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