Johnny Alvis  -  Achieving more from less - maximising dairy farming profitability utilising limited resources

Dartington Cattle Breeding Trust
Trehane Trust

I am third generation dairy farmer on a daily basis. I am responsible for managing 600 dairy cattle, a 1000 other cattle on several sites, 350 acres of arable and 1200 acres of various types of grassland. I have recently rebuilt the farm putting in a 60 point rotary parlour enabling the size of the dairy farm to double in size with more expansion plans for the future.

As company chairman I am involved with the strategic planning, with my father, brother and other directors, of our farming and cheesemaking business.

I have been married to Jo for 20 years and we have three children, Victoria (17), Katy (15) and John (13).

I am involved with the management of the North Somerset Agricultural Society which runs an annual show for 20,000+ people, a biannual countryside day for 2500 primary aged children, an annual ploughing match and other social events. I am also a member of the North Somerset Rural Business Forum and the 300 Cow Club.


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