John Millington  -  Communication for staff & managers on secondary dairy units

John Oldacre Foundation

I am John Millington, a second generation tenant dairy farmer based in mid Staffordshire. I run 450 cross-bred spring calving dairy cows on a 'new zealand' type grazing system. The home farm carries 240 cows and all the youngstock, and a secondary unit has 210 cows and is run by a single labour unit.

I live with my partner Janty and we have a son, Nathan, who is 9 yrs old. I have two older children, Ruth (21) and Alex (18) both of whom are studying at University. I graduated with a degree in Agriculture from Reading University, am vice chairman of the Turf Accountant's Discussion Group and have a passion for passing on the message of the benefits of the pasture based system and the animals it supports to the next generation of potential producers and consumers. We work with the Countryside Trust enabling inner city children to access farms,farming and farmers, and get a lot of satisfaction from undertaking this work.

My secondary passion is playing village cricket, with a very varied degree of sucess! My philosophy on life is that I may be wrong, but I'm never beaten.