Jason Vickery  -  Reducing farm costs to prosper in a global market

Dartington Cattle Breeding Trust
Trehane Trust

My name is Jason Vickery, I am married with 4 children, Gemma 19, Polly 17, Henry 11 and Robert 9. I farm in partnership with my wife Nicki. We milk 300 cows on a tenanted farm in North Dorset and another 700 on 2 units with equity partners. 
I have chosen to study the cost of milk production around the world. I chose the subject because the average cost of producing a litre of milk barely leaves a margin yet the top 5% make margins to rival any business. I plan to visit other businesses to gain an insight into how they manage and control costs including businesses outside of agriculture. I am going to visit New Zealand as their dairy farmers produce milk very cheaply, Australia as their farmers produce milk in very difficult conditions, South America as they have a rapidly expanding dairy industry. I also intend to visit some top high output dairies and factories outside of agriculture.