James Szabo  -  Autonomy in Agriculture

James ( 28 ) North Lincolnshire.

Having grown up in an agricultural environment and studied Electronic and Electrical Engineering & Information Systems for 6 years at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom; James has a unique knowledge which spans both real world practicality and the engineering problems associated.  His current role within Precision Decisions is developing bespoke software, web based information systems and future innovation.  The company formed in 2004 by Clive Blacker (Nuffield Scholar) and has expanded in this time supporting over 800 farms with a range of Precision Farming practices and technologies.  James joined full time in 2008 but has been working in the Precision Farming both in application and development for over 10 years.

James feels the UK has fallen behind in the development of new technologies within his chosen area of Autonomy in Agriculture.  He feels that there is going to be a paradigm shift within the way food is produced and automated field robots will be a part of this.  He hopes to research into what technologies are currently available, what’s stopping these advancements entering the mainstream and the social effect this may have within the industry.