Holly Beckett  -  Growing a Successful Family Business through Growing People

I am a farmer’s daughter and although I have never felt like a farmer, working within the family business has provided me with a strong link to agriculture from my childhood.   My father is a 3rd generation farmer of 1000 acres of arable land in the Midlands, with a strong focus on diversification to support the farming business.   Through the hard work and innovation of my forefathers, I have had the opportunity to work within the family business which has diversified via a farm shop, restaurant, cookery school and conference facilities alongside the development of numerous business lets to a range of business types.

After completing an environmental science degree I started my career path in the waste management industry and worked for a number of years for local authorities in the UK.  After a short time working within the private sector I retuned back to the family business and for the past 6 years I have supported the diversification to help grow further our offering through means of marketing and event management and through this, provided the local community with links to farming and education around agriculture.

As I see I have been very fortunate in life to be offered such great opportunities, I am passionate about people realising what opportunities they have in their reach and how they can best support one another to make the most of what they have either in the agri-sector or beyond.

I am extremely grateful to my family for their support through my study tour and to David Allen for his generosity as a sponsor, without whom this would not be possible. 

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