Hannah Senior  -  Accelerating AgriTech Entrepreneurs

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I grew up in a farming village in Yorkshire.  Life later took me elsewhere – to University, a career in London, and business school at Stanford in California.  I returned to agriculture when I acquired PBS International, a business which serves plant breeders and seed producers by using technical fabrics to control pollen flows.  It was then that I realised how much I had missed the agricultural and scientific world.

Visiting plant breeding research stations all over the world, I saw the scale of the potential to bring a diverse array of technologies to agriculture to make it more productive, profitable and sustainable.  I am a tremendous believer in the potential of innovative technology in agriculture (“AgriTech”) and of entrepreneurship to step change both agricultural sustainability and productivity.

To have a broader impact, beyond PBS International, our fantastic team and customers, I became a Non-Executive Director at Crop Health and Protection (CHAP), one of the UK Government AgriTech Centres. I chair the CHAP Advisory Panel, designed to scan the horizon for new technologies, challenges and opportunities; foster opportunities for collaboration. I also mentor a number of AgriTech start-ups. 

My family and I are lucky enough to live in a vibrant Yorkshire market town with coast, national park and AONB a stones-throw away.  When weather and time allow, I love to admire it from light aircraft as well as from the ground.   I am grateful to my family, the wonderful PBS team and my wider community for supporting me to do this study. 

I would like to thank The Elizabeth Creak Charitable Trust for sponsoring this work with a Clyde Higgs Scholarship and the Jill Willows Memorial GFP Tour.