Davina Fillingham  -  Precision farming technology and applications for rural land management

Davina is an Associate Partner at Stephenson & Son, an Established firm of Chartered Rural Surveyors, Land Agents and Auctioneers based at York Auction Centre, York, she is a qualified Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers, she heads the Agribusiness division of Stephenson & Son providing professional rural land management advice throughout Yorkshire and is also an Auctioneer.

Within her profession Davina has seen the emergence of precision farming technology and its significant benefits to farming practices, she has recognised that it has an important role to play in   future rural land and business management and that it is an area of agriculture that will advance significantly over the next ten years.

Davina will investigate the rapidly developing role of precision farming technology in rural land management, considering the Integration of precision farming technology with current land management practices and the utilisation of geo referenced data to provide more efficient and effective rural land management.

Davina’s aim is to use the knowledge gained from her study to inform other industry professionals, land managers and farmers of the range of technology available and how it can be utilised effectively for rural land management.