Andy Howard  -  Potential for Companion Cropping in UK arable systems

I am a 35 year old arable farmer from Ashford in Kent. I farm 350 hectares with my parents on the family farm. We also have a Solar Farm as a diversification. Our grassland is let out to a young local Beef Farmer.

Although I worked on the farm in the school holidays I never thought about becoming a farmer. So I went to Durham University and studied Environmental Management not realising how relevant it was going to be to my future farming career! After leaving university I travelled around the world. When I returned I decided to come back to the family farm. Dad thought I needed some proper agricultural training so I went to The Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester for a year to “study”.

As well as farming my spare time is taken up by my 2 children Rose (2) and baby Charlie. A special thanks to my partner Philippa who agreed to me applying for a Nuffield Scholarship even though she was 6 months pregnant. Also thanks to my parents for doing my work while I am travelling. I also enjoy playing hockey at Canterbury Hockey Club and other sports.

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