Andrew Janaway  -  London 40 miles

John Oldacre Foundation

My name is Andrew Janaway, I am from Winchester in Hampshire. I am married to Jenni and we have 3 children; Hamish, Holly and Finlay.

I farm in partnership with my two brothers, Gavin and Duncan. The business is reasonably diverse with a 750 Ha (1875ac) processing potato enterprise at its core, supplying Walkers Crisps, Waitrose and Burts Potato Chips.

We have a further 1000Ha (2500ac) of arable cropping, and have recently entered the world of organics producing 40Ha (100ac) of organic vegetables for the Riverford box scheme, organic oats, and organic eggs from a 10,000 bird free range unit.

We also have a 400ha (1000ac) farm in Angus, on the East coast of Scotland. It is run with the help of a manager, and is a fairly traditional mixed farm, but with a focus on seed potato production for our business in the South.

Aside from the 9-5, I am a music lover, very keen festival goer, and rugby fan.

My project title is "London 40 miles", which refers to the distance from our main holding to Central London.

Essentially I am keen to study how a farming business that operates in such a densely populated part of the world, with a "rush hour" at the end of the farm drive, can diversify and tap in to the huge consumer spend that happens around it.

I have a particular interest in the retailing and direct marketing of local produce, and how best to communicate its provenance. I am also keen to look at Agritourism, and also whether there are opportunities for farms to process green waste from the surrounding towns and cities.