Amy Jackson  -  Removing the barriers to large scale dairy farming

Trehane Trust

I've been involved in the farming industry most of my adult life, first of all studying at SAC Auchincruive (when it was still in existence!) for an HND in Agriculture then taking a post-grad course on farm management in Aberdeen.  Aside from various farming jobs including lambing, harvest etc between school and college, I spent 15 months in Canada working on dairy farms near Guelph in Ontario before getting involved in the auction and cattle-breeding businesses back in the UK.

I moved into agricultural public relations about 15 years ago and have since worked for wide range of client in the industry as well as a number of non-ag clients including Cadbury, Gillette and Kraft.  I set up my own PR business several years ago and have since been working with a heady mix of clients in construction, environment, farming, food chain and industry.

I now live in Oxfordshire with my two dogs in a rambly cottage, all of which need constant attention!