Alexander Brewster  -  Powered Pasture

The MacRobert Trust

I am 38 years old and farm in partnership with my parents. We currently farm and manage 4000Ha of land in Highland Perthshire all of which is LFA carrying a growing herd on 100 AA cows, and an expanding flock of 1900 BF ewes as well as 4000 Organic Free Range hens.

Currently at Rotmell Farm we are hosting a QMS grazing group looking into increasing Kg of live weight sold per Ha and this has been the catalyst and backbone for my Nuffield study.  Outside the farm I am the chairman for SOPA, which I hugely enjoy.

I am married to Jane, an Architect, and have two mini Brewster’s, Katherine who is 4 and just started school and Forbes who at 9 months and has just mastered climbing the stairs!  

Away from the farm I enjoy playing rugby, although sad to say now playing in the golden oldies. As a family we enjoy socialising with friends, skiing in the winter and a bit of windsurfing in the summer. 

I would also like to record my thanks to everyone else involved in the farm business at home for covering my time away and allowing me to chase this dream and a special note of thanks to my family for their undiluted patience and to the MacRobert Trust for providing me with this sponsorship.


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