Aarun Naik  -  Agro-psychology: How can we support and improve the emotional & psychological well-being of farmers?

John Oldacre Foundation

I have worked all of my career in the agriculture industry although I am not from a farming background myself. I started off running crop protection field trials with ADAS and later moved into agricultural and environmental policy work with Forum for the Future. For the past nine years I have been working for the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) where I have held a number of positions including environmental policy adviser.  My current role is a County Adviser looking after the NFU’s activities in Cheshire and helping farm businesses in the North West of England with the many challenges they face.

Over recent years my personal interest in psychology, the mind and emotional well-being led me to study and train in psychotherapy. I am a qualified and practicing counsellor & psychotherapist and member of the UK self-regulatory body, National Council of Psychotherapists.