Nuffield Farming Lecture 2020


“Brick-2-Click”:  How will the retail revolution impact on UK farmers?  

Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust is pleased to announce that Professor Andrew Fearne from the Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia, has been confirmed as the recipient of the 2020 Nuffield Farming Lecture Award.

The 2020 Nuffield Farming Lecture will be held on 1st July 2020 at the same venue as the 2018 Lecture: “One Great George Street”, Westminster, London. The title “Brick-2-Click”:  How will the retail revolution impact on the UK farmers of tomorrow? will look at what opportunities there are for UK farmers from the rapidly-changing food retailing environment. The consumer interface with business is changing. The biggest retailer in the world does not have any stores; the biggest taxi business in the world does not own any taxis and the biggest media business in the world does not own the media content on its platform. How will the food retail purchasing channels of the future impact on the current food retail model of global supply, central distribution, through to retail shelf space and manned checkouts? What will be the changes that cascade back to the farmer as a result? What are the opportunities for the UK farmer?

““The global agri-food sector is entering a period of significant (some would argue unprecedented) uncertainty, driven by political, economic, social, environmental and technological change,” says Professor Fearne. “How consumers buy their food is changing rapidly. What changes will cascade back to the farmer as a result, and how we can capitalise on them, will lie at the heart of my study.

“The 2020 Nuffield farming lecture presents an exciting opportunity to explore the potential impact of the retail revolution on UK farmers, through a multi-disciplinary lens that extends across the global agri-food sector, from primary production to food consumption, from life science to lifestyles,” he adds.

Mike Vacher, Director of Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust, added:

“The consumer interface with business is undoubtedly changing and how food retail evolves in the future will certainly impact on farmers. This award will enable Professor Fearne to explore this crucial area in detail over eighteen months of travel and research and will provide findings that can develop and promote new thinking that can benefit UK agriculture and society at large. The trust is most grateful for the continued generous support provided by Meryl Ward and her family and other sponsors, which have made this award possible.”

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Following on from the interest in the Lecture, the videos are now live on YouTube and please see the links below;

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