Richard Counsell: Report published

2016 Scholar, Richard Counsell’s report is now available on the Nuffield International website. Below is the executive summary of his report, titled:‘Getting Stable: Making uncertain farming futures a thing of the past.’

Report Title       

Getting Stable: Making uncertain farming futures a thing of the past


Richard Counsell


John Oldacre Foundation

Countries visited

USA, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Channel Islands


Objective of the study tour: 

  • To investigate and propose a new price risk management solution to help family farms manage volatile prices and input costs.


  • Volatility will continue to play a big role in the future of British farming and more must be done to manage it
  • Current risk management tools are too complex, risky and expensive for family farms
  • Agriculture needs more risk management and finance products that are designed and built from the ground up for farmers, rather than for financiers
  • Government has a role to play in managing volatility. However modern financial technology could deliver effective risk management to farmers, without requiring public subsidy

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