Jonathan Baker: Report published

2017 Scholar, Jonathan Baker’s report is now available on the Nuffield International website. Below is the executive summary of his report, titled:‘Insights from agricultural policies of selected non-EU developed countries’

Report Title       

Insights from agricultural policies of selected non-EU developed countries


Jonathan Baker


John Oldacre Foundation

Countries visited

Norway, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea and New Zealand

Objectives of the study tour: 

  • To identify ideas and insights from the agricultural and land use policies of developed, non-European Union countries.


  • UK and devolved Governments should consider a broader range of policy measures than direct support when crafting their agricultural and rural policies. 
  • Government, the public and farmers should determine which functions of agriculture they want to see emphasised.  
  • The UK and devolved Governments should recognise that the vitality of rural areas cannot be taken for granted. 
  • Farmers and their representatives must determine the relationship they want to have with Government(s). 
  • UK and devolved Government should reform reflectively. Future UK agricultural policies will be unprecedented. Policy makers should be humble and prepared to modify their reforms in light of negative impacts.   

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