Jan Redpath: Report published

2016 Scholar, Jan Redpath’s report is now available on the Nuffield International website. Below is the executive summary of his report, titled:‘Cherries: the late season opportunity.’

Report Title       

Cherries: the late season opportunity


Jan Redpath


Malcolm Isaac NSch and the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland

Countries visited

Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, Norway, Canada, USA, UK

Objectives of the study tour: 

  • To research the challenges associated with season extension in cherry production
  • To bring back best practice as to how these challenges are being overcome in other parts of the world that have successfully extended late season cherry production


  • Late season cherries can be produced successfully and profitably in climates as demanding as Scotland’s
  • We should not be afraid to use specialised cherry covering systems. Deciding on plantation layout and pruning for the required tree structure matters from the first stages of tree formation. It’s vital to choose a system prior to establishing the plantation, with an end in mind at that point. Growers should find a system they like and can replicate, and try to avoid mixing sources of advice and techniques during the formation years. Lastly, it’s more important to grow good varieties that work and can store well, rather than looking for the very latest variety that then may give inferior quality, production, and not even store as late as a better earlier variety
  • As a final point, the industry must work on encouraging new entrants into cherry production: not only from top and soft fruit backgrounds but also from broadacre arable farming systems. Partnerships that allow experienced cherry growers to produce on available arable land may balance the types of risk faced by the new entrant

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