James Chapman: Report published

2016 Scholar, James Chapman’s report is now available on the Nuffield International website. Below is the executive summary of his report, titled:‘How farm safety can be improved.’

Report Title       

How farm safety can be improved


James Chapman


The Richard Lawes Foundation

Countries visited

USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand


Objectives of the study tour: 

  • To understand why agriculture has so many accidents and what can be done to reduce the rate of accidents in the UK and around the world.


  • Farmers don’t recognise risk to health or safety
  • Correct safe working procedures are not always known for the tasks being carried out.
  • A lack of continuous development has led to a gap in safety knowledge.
  • Fear of the regulator is preventing engagement
  • Safety needs to be practical
  • Agricultural education needs to integrate safety at every level
  • A safe farm is a profitable farm.
  • Safety must be “sexy”

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