Angela Kirkwood: Report Published

New Nuffield Farming Report published – Angela Kirkwood: ‘Growing the British pig industry’

Angela Kirkwood, NSch 2018, has published her Nuffield Farming Report titled ‘Growing the British pig industry’. It is now available for download on the Nuffield International website or can be downloaded directly at

Report Title: Growing the British pig industry

Sponsor: AHDB Pork

Countries Visited: China, Philippines, Singapore, Japan, USA, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Ireland

Study Objectives

To highlight some of the best practices of pork production worldwide and to offer recommendations to encourage sustainable growth of the British pig industry.


  • The challenge is to produce pork at a competitive price relative to other meats and pork producing countries; giving consideration to economic and environmental sustainability, climate change resilience and good animal husbandry.
  • Straightforward strategic aims and aspirations coupled with stakeholder collaboration to educate and mentor the next generation will create a progressive and sustainable future.
  • Business prosperity, tax incentives and/or grant aid may be required to stimulate investment in infrastructure and environmental improvement.
  • Given the above tools, the pork industry will strive to become one of the major flagship industries for ‘Brand Britain’.


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