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Davina Fillingham: Report published

2013 Scholar, Davina Fillingham's report is now available on the Nuffield International website, click here to see the full report. Below is the executive summary of her report, titled: 'Precision Agriculture'.



Report Title       

Precision Agriculture


Davina Fillingham


The John Oldacre Foundation


Objectives of the study tour: 

The objective of Davina's study tour was to investigate and identify the following:

  • Precision agriculture technologies that are available to farmers and land managers
  • How farmers and land managers can utilise data from precision farming technology
  • How professional advisors can utilise the data for rural land and asset management


  • Precision agriculture technologies enable farmers and land managers to quantify variability, consider yield potential and monitor the natural environment to improve practices, adapt and become more efficient; thus addressing the problems presented by a growing population and environmental challenges;
  • New crop modelling and simulation applications are required as tools to assess the yield potential of land which accounts for changing climatic conditions through a season, and assess the potential return against input costs and environmental impact;
  • An EU or UK protocol is required that sets out guideline on ownership of farm data and how it is to be managed, and transferred between land occupiers;
  • Beyond the farm gate the ability to identify and measure factors that affect the productive capacity of land will have an impact on factors such as land values.

See Davina's Report at: