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Aidan Leek: Report published

2015 Scholar, Aidan Leek’s report is now available on the Nuffield International website. Below is the executive summary of his report, titled:‘The future for Insect Bioconversion Products in poultry’.



Report Title       

The future for Insect Bioconversion Products in poultry


Aidan Leek


Countries visited

Micron Bio Systems

France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, China, Vietnam, United States of America.




Objectives of the study tour: 

  • To understand the emerging insect production industry and how it is developing in different areas of the world
  • To identify the opportunities for the UK poultry industry to utilise insect products from experiences in other markets
  • To identify if insects could be a potential solution for waste materials from the poultry industry


1. Poultry feed could contain products of insect bioconversion in the future.

2. Development of a commercial insect production industry in European countries is faced with 3 major hurdles currently; legislation, cost, and scalability.

3. More research is required to satisfy consumers and EFSA of the preservation of food safety when using insects produced on different organic materials.

4. As a fishmeal replacer, insect protein has a higher value and will be firstly used in pet and aqua feed before poultry feed.

5. Insect oil, as a by-product of insect processing for pet or aqua feed, may actually feature in poultry diets before insect protein.

6. There may be functional benefits associated with the consumption of live insects in poultry that requires further understanding.


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