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2015 Steven and Gill Bullock Award for Nuffield Innovation

As a result of their work with Nuffield, the late Steven Bullock and his wife Gill believed that Scholars who have subsequently put their Scholarship to very effective use should be recognised. They therefore instigated the Steven and Gill Bullock Award which Gill will again generously sponsor in 2015 to identify Scholars who have best demonstrated a change in outlook and activity stimulated by their Nuffield experience.
The Award winner will be the candidate who, in the view of the judges, demonstrates the most successful application of the experience he or she has gained. The judges will take a broad view of "success".  It may include a business change or development and innovation. It may come from activities in marketing, technology, environmental issues, farmer co-operation, political activity, etc. To decide between equally good candidates, the judges will be positively influenced by those who have applied their experience to benefit the agricultural industry as a whole.
For the 2015 Award, Scholars who were selected in the years 2004-2006 are invited either to apply directly themselves or to nominate one or more fellow cohort members.
The judges are happy to receive applications from (or nominations for), candidates who entered the Award competition in previous years.  
Entries should be sent to this office no later than Friday 31st July by mail or email to  All entries received will be acknowledged.
The Scholar judged to have best used the opportunity given by their Nuffield Award will receive a £1000 cash prize to be presented during the 2015 Autumn Conference.