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Herefordshire Nuffield get-together group


As has been customary the Herefordshire Get-together group met in May as a means of inviting potential scholars to hear from previous scholars about their experiences and how they have gained by having had a Nuffield Farming Scholarship.

The group were fortunate to be able to visit the innovative Norman Partnership, where father Tony introduced his two sons, Richard and Chris, both potential scholars, who now run the business.

They told the visitors there had been a massive investment over the last few years, but the business is still focussed on a forage based 700 cow dairy herd as well as their involvement in a share farming arrangement with a nearby dairy farm .

They went on to explain how they had developed a new cow unit, but since had added a large broiler chicken shed, plus an anaerobic digester which feeds electricity into the grid. The whole development is a good example of a fully integrated farming system.

The poultry manure, the FYM and slurry from cows, plus some grass and maize silage and sugar beet are the feed stock for the AD plant, while the ‘waste’ from the plant is used to replace much of the fertiliser previously used on the farm, while the waste heat from the generator is used to heat the broiler shed. They described their aim is to reduce the amount of crop they are using by increasing the proportion of waste material in the AD mix.

After visiting the various parts of the set-up, there was a lot of discussion about what had been seen, about future policy but also about Nuffield, while everyone was able to have chat while enjoying an excellent buffet.

Our thanks to HSBC for their support once again, but our sincere thanks to the Norman family for hosting the evening was proposed by Oliver Surman.